Small changes, big impact

I got an email from someone earlier this week and I didn’t get around to working on it until now. And it was, you know, look, I’m struggling in this marketplace. I’m long, only manager and nothing’s working in my business. So my thought was, you know, if you’re in a draw down and that’s what you’re struggling with, then you can cut your position sizing, right? Until you get back in line with the market, then you could increase it if you’re struggling in your overall business. Cause I’m not quite sure what, what the, it was.

Then what I would do is take the weekend and put some time into thinking, what are the activities that I’m doing during the week? Because I’m not getting the results that I want and on some level intentions, equal results, right? So what can you do differently? What’s one thing that you can do differently next week, just to beta test, right? You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars. You don’t have to do anything, but what is the, what’s the one thing that you can do to really change things up. And this is good exercise for anybody with, you know, every, everybody from four figures to 10 figures is why let another week, you know, go by. That’s just an average week. You know, why not go for it and really shake shit up a little bit. Right? Cause it’s easy enough to do. It’s probably just a phone call away for most of us. That’s what it is. You’re one phone call away.

So then the question becomes, how can you optimize that process? How can you do it in a very parade efficient way where you can get the desired result with as little time and effort that you could put into it possible? Cause although it’s virtuous to work, you know, hard, I don’t think you have to do a 70 hour work week in order to, you know, bang all that out and then it would change your perspective. Right? Cause a lot of times when you’re in a rut, it’s because you have the same perspective day after day after day. And when the market doesn’t have the courtesy to change in your favor, it can send you reeling now, you know, best laid plans of mice and men. So you’re typically just one event away from really changing your attitude. That’s what I have found. And that’s what I do. What I do every day is I say, okay, I have to keep myself in a good attitude, no matter what. And so I don’t give myself permission to get all pissy.

Right? I hear someone say something stupid. It’s natural for me to confront that person. Right? It’s not necessarily a good character trait. I’ll admit, uh, cause it’s too pugilistic. But um, you know, so that’s something that I’m working on. As you can tell, I probably don’t make a good employee, right? Which is I have too much original thought. Could you imagine me working in a, in a place where I’d have to put, you know, tweets on my own opinions and not that of my X, Y, Z employer? Oh my God. Anyway, you’re probably just one event from really changing things around. Maybe you need one new client. Maybe you need to take a trip. Maybe you need to find another center of influencer, strategic relationship. You know, find, find what it is that you need to be the, you know, to be a shot in the arm.

You probably know what that is. And don’t wait for that event occurred to you, go out and get it, you know, take control. Don’t sit back and let life happen to you. You don’t wanna do that in the markets either. So don’t do it in your life. There’s so many parallels here. I don’t even get it into it, but that’s what I would do is one is I would never give myself permission to feel like a loser, but then I would make sure I have the activities going on day after day, week after week that get me towards my goal. You know? And I do that. I do that even with the show, right? This is a way to give back to the community in ways that were not available to me when I started cuz of that whole intellectual greed that I’ve spoken about.

So, so if you want something also consider giving it right? Because I need advice on things that are over my head. And so I give advice out cause I want it reciprocated. I try to give what I wanna get, but you have to take the action. It’s not just gonna, you can’t sit back and write all the stuff out in your, I use a Phoenix planner. You can’t just write it all out and think like, oh, now it’s gonna come to me. When I sit in quiet conference with the infinite, it doesn’t work that way. You have to take the action. It’s not gonna kick you in the ass. I’ve proven that many times you have to go get it. And so if you can’t get it, then you know how to delegate and this and that. But that’s a whole other conversation.

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