Leadership and mental energy

So I got some feedback as to, you know, some pro and con about, you know, getting off social media and the, the pro was that, you know, if you’re off social media, you miss out on all the good ideas. And I was like, but that’s the point. They’re not really good ideas when you have no imagination and no vision, then it all looks like it’s entertainment. You can go look it up. What do you do? You call up the chart. And then you’re like, oh, okay, cool. It’s in the top right corner. So I miss the trade. And I guess the point that I’m making is if you do enough research and you do it the right way, you can be the voice leader, you know, just cuz someone’s on TV, doesn’t make, you know, make them famous. Doesn’t even make them talented.

It just makes them have an opinion. Trust me, I’ve been on TV. I know the deal. It wasn’t all that special, to be honest with you. So it’s like, it is what it is. Now. When you start to think for yourself, you become the star of your own show. Most everybody that I meet in this business, especially when they’re just starting out are, are character day players, you know, you know, they’re supporting cast. And so by eliminating TV and social media, you get to put yourself on a mental diet of hearing everyone. Else’s bullshit, which I can’t stand because ultimately what someone thinks about a name that I’m looking at, a name that I’m in. I mean, first of all, I don’t have names that I’m looking at. We have orders. There’s nothing to look at. Of course, if you’re a chart reader, that’s a whole other argument, but I don’t have the time for that.

So anyway, the point being is that if you can start to do your own research and you become independent, you become self-reliant. You have no idea what that does from your confidence. Make yourself the star of the show. Wake up in the morning and say, I’m getting ready to go on TV. What am I gonna talk about? That’ll change your whole mindset. Cause the whole key to the success in this business is mindset. Stop looking up to everybody else. As a star, you be the star. You start now the fuck you waiting for there’s no day, but today you’re never gonna be a hundred percent ready. It’s like having kids just do it. Honestly just do it. There’s nothing to wait for. And as far as everybody else, who’s running big money. You know the same thing you listen probably to people on TV so that you know what the current events are so that when you speak with your clients, you can have an opinion about that stuff.

But that’s also banal, right? That’s also kind of banal. You have your own opinions. You don’t have to worry about what other people think. And two, the good news is that when you don’t watch TV, you don’t get bombarded with the asinine advertisements that if you watch them enough, it’s almost impossible to, you know, fend yourself off from, um, you know, have their influence. You’re probably perfect. Just the way you are. You’re probably not missing out on anything, but the more you listen to that crap, it feeds your head with, you know, doubts. It makes you feel like you’re inadequate makes you feel like you’re missing out on something. Well, I’m here to tell you that that’s, that’s not the case. You know, that’s not the case. If these companies were so successful, my take is they wouldn’t have to spend the 10 mil, 10 millions to the millions of dollars that they have every year on advertising.

And I don’t wanna call anyone’s girlfriend ugly. But in the raging bull market of the nineties, there were broker dealers that were advertising on CNBC and they were losing five out of eight clients from blowing up every month. How do I know? Well, cause I know everybody and they, they whisper in my ear and that’s in a raging bull market. They were in a raging bull market and they were losing five outta eight acquired clients because the clients were blowing up, not knowing what they were doing, but yet they were sold on, you know what I’m gonna say, advanced charting packages. So the more I think you can go on a diet and cut yourself away. Honestly, abort yourself, pull yourself out of mainstream media and don’t do it. You wanna read the economist? Okay, read Barrons. I get it. Everything else though, honestly is not necessary.

You don’t need it. And if you’re working at a wire house and you go in every day and turn on the TV and you watch TV all day, honestly get another profession cuz your clients deserve better. And two, why did you quit on life? What are you doing? Watching TV in the office all day. You’re gonna let 10 years go by and that’s gonna be how you spend your day. Really? I’m telling you, take your life back. Take your time back. The minute you start investing back into yourself is the minute when you’re gonna start to achieve real greatness. And if you’re comfortable skating and just hitting that plateau that everyone hits their first five years, just earning your fees chugging through. That’s great. But I would go independent at that point and just play golf all day or do whatever, earn your fees and be done.

I wouldn’t be given 71% of my revenue to a wire house just so I can have an office. That’s stupid. Anyway, that’s my point. That’s what I’m that’s what I’ve been saying is be, be your own person. I don’t care where you were born. I don’t care what you were born. I don’t care what gender you call yourself is, is your life. And the markets can give you an enormous amount of Liberty and freedom if you know what you’re doing. But the beginning part of it, if all the people that you look up to you look up to them because they had original thought

They weren’t parroting market truisms. You know, they went out and did it and you can do it too. You just have to start. Don’t worry about what it looks like. And don’t what other people don’t worry about. What other people think. Okay. Martin out.

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