Reviewing Q3 and prepping for Q4

I hope you had a good week. And then you have some fun plans for the weekend. So look, we’re about two weeks out from the beginning of Q4 – October, November, and December of the calendar year. And so now might be a good time to kind of reevaluate. What did you do in Q3? What have you done year to date, for example, and what changes do you want to implement? What new feelings do you want to feel? What feelings do you not want to feel? What actions can you take inventory on? Are those actions adding up to either pleasure in your personal life or superior trading in your professional life? So it’s a good time to kind of start the process, to think about where you’ve been reevaluate some things, if you need to and act accordingly.

I like to think in terms of speaking to myself in the present tense, as if I’m actually in possession of the goals that I’m setting for myself, not “I’m going to do…”, future tenses and the future don’t exist. So you can really inject your body with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement and speak and say things like, instead of saying like, “I’m going to be a world class trader” say, “I am a world class trader,” that’s a whole different mindset at that point. And you can infuse your body with a lot of energy that’s positive and give you better mojo than sitting about daydreaming.

Well, “Someday I’ll be that…” because that when I hear like “I’m going to do this,” I never, I never believe anybody when they say, oh, “I’m going to do this” because that’s the future tense, as opposed to saying, well, “I have a plan to do this,” or “I’m in the process of X, Y, Z.” That to me is someone who’s empowered and who probably is taking action, who probably does have their goal written down or their action plan to go to at least achieve it, to invite the failure.

Because again, just like anything in trading, the trading part is going to give you all the education that you need. So same thing in life. You just have to go out and do it and execute doesn’t matter what it’s going to look like. That’s what, that’s how these people have great success is that they were fearless or they felt their fear, but they didn’t stop them from taking action. So as it relates to your life, we have Q4 that world is where it is. What will happen? You’ll have midterm elections. I think coming up we’ll have a whole bunch of stuff coming out of the Fed. So we kind of can anticipate that. And so with that in mind, and with that knowledge ahead of time what can you do to set yourself up better, both in your life and in your trading, what processes have you been doing year to date that feel good, but don’t really get you any results. Can you decrease your screen time to Have more fun in your life.

Don’t turn trading into a blue collar job. How can you cut your screen time and still be effective? How can you better make use of stops and alerts to free up your time, but still be mindful of managing risk. Those are good open ended questions to ask yourself. Because they’re not yes/no questions. They’re “how” questions and those “how” questions and those “what” questions can keep you in the solution because now you’re coming up with answers to questions that you normally wouldn’t ask yourself. And then you can go to put that wisdom to work. What you don’t want to do is become lazy and stop thinking about having goals. So you can have weekly goals for sure. And those will all add up to some of the bigger goals that you wanted to achieve for the year.

It depends on who you are for sure. I tend to do this all the time, like every day am I hitting my goals? You know? because the minute I stop thinking about my goals, I’m letting myself off the hook and that means I’m getting lazy. It also means I’m not using all the tools and the gifts that I’ve been given. So you can evaluate yourself. I’m in no position to judge anybody, but you don’t want to be doing the same thing every day. Don’t get into some rote, mechanical way of living set goals for yourself so that you make sure that you, that you’re growing in your personal life and in your personal life. Because you’re the one who’s in control. It’s not stuff happening to you. You can manifest what you want, but you have to increase your level of awareness on those things you see.

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