MRCI Seasonal Research on September Coffee


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I wrote about coffee selling off last week. According to Jerry Toepke at Moore Research (MRCI), this is a seasonal tendency for coffee over the last 15 years.

Maybe the move has just started or maybe we’re just getting underway as the seasonal pattern suggests. You can get a 14-day risk free trial of Moore Research Center for yourself and take a look at how this trade is handled.


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  • A 72% success rate over the last 36 years for shorting coffee May-August apparently. I think that’s what Larry Hite would call a good bet.

  • Anonymous

    yes, but we still need to keep our losses small.

  • Manuelbravochico

    Not to digress, but you see NG N11 on June 8th? Some high frequency trader bullied it for 40 ticks. These guys can literally break the Nymex software for a second or two. Whoever did this on June 8, would have to have his server in the Nymex building by default. Not if but when we have another flash crash in stocks or commodities or both at same time.

  • Anonymous

    I rarely watch the intraday action. I have important things to do.