Ally Hamilton – Yoga’s Healing Power Podcast Interview

Ally Hamilton is a Santa Monica-based yoga teacher, writer and life coach, who streams online yoga classes all over the world.

She’s the co-creator of Yogisanonymous, which has been featured in The New York Times, Yoga Journal, Self Magazine, Shape Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

She’s a regular contributor for The Huffington Post, a wellness expert at MindBodyGreen, and writes an almost-daily blog at the Yogisanonymous Blog.


Ally Hamilton changed her life with the eight limbs of yoga, a spiritual tradition first recorded in the Yoga Sutras 1,600 years ago. Join Ally as she shows you how to apply the wisdom of this honored tradition to your modern-day life.

Physical poses―asanas―are the best-known aspects of yoga, but in the eight limbs practice, healing comes through exploring your relationship to the world and to yourself while learning to recognize the obstacles that block your path.

Yoga’s Healing Power shows how to create the life you want from the inside out, working with your mind and emotions, your body and breath, your memories and your pain. With hands-on exercises, meditations, journaling prompts, and stories of healing, this book helps you uncover your particular gifts and begin to feel joy.

For long-time MartinKronicle followers, you may remember seeing Ally in this video we did together back in 2010 or the blog post ‘Michael, Yogoholic’.

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