Abnormal Returns Book Interview With Tadas Viskanta


Tadas Viskanta is the author of all things Abnormal so to speak:

Read Abnormal Returns – the book

Read Abnormal Returns – his blog

Follow Abnormal Returns – his Twitter handle

His blog is a must read and I’ve been reading it forever. He asked me for a quote for the back cover and it was my honor to oblige him. Needless to say, his is a great book.

Read the book, Read his blog, and Follow him on Twitter.

Oh, and Listen to the podcast.


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  • Mr. Martin here is a though I had as I was listening to this fascinating interview.  Just a thought, it could be right or wrong or completely off base. At any rate I am senior finance major at Texas Tech and am fascinated with all things trading and investing. Here’s the thought that jumped into my head when yall were talking about uncorrelated assets:

    As globalization increases correlations between any random set of assets or securities will increase.  If globalization is inevitable, correlation can only go up overall.  Possible negative correlations or uncorrelated assets may only appear as anomalies or temporary phenomenons. Or maybe as innovations occur, new uncorrelated relationships can occur. 

    What might your thoughts be on the relevance of this thought that jumped into my head?  Love the blog. I’m glad I ran across it!

  • Anonymous

    My thought is that this sounds like a final paper question. Correlations ebb and flow and new ones can be created, I guess, but I’m not the right guy to figure them out.

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