“I hope that this book was written years ago…before I had paid my years of tuition/losses to the market ,since it really screams the vital truths of making it as a trader.The holy grail of trading is inside us ,there is no perfect TA indicator ,no perfect fundamental analysis.Risk control is paramount and this book screams about it!
I would have my own family office ,if I had cut my losses short and did not just kept my ego going.I believe that this book along Jack D. Schwager’s Market Wizards ,and Edwin Lefèvre’s Reminiscences of a Stock Operator are the all time classic trading books that can really change the trader’s P&L.I only hoped that he could wrote it earlier,because the other three books tell the real secret ,this one really SCREAMS it!”

–KX, Private Family Office, Greece

“Mike’s enthusiasm for commodities coupled with his professional experience and expertise made this course great. In addition, Mike’s passion and personality provided an energetic environment. The class was well structured providing an history of the commodities markets, their role today, and outlined specific trading strategies utilized by market participants. The use of detailed real life examples were relevant and timely.”

— AM, JP Morgan, New York, New York

“Mike’s commodities course offered the perfect balance of market overview and product detail. The lecture was structured to discuss the history of commodity markets to explain how and why they have developed, where these markets stand today in terms of regulation and differentiation, and how particular trades of commodities actually work from start to finish. Mike’s enthusiastic approach towards getting the class involved and having everyone participate demonstrates his passion to actually educate others, a quality that is not often found outside of academia and which is all the more valuable given the depth of his professional experience and expertise. Great course.”

— KS, Manhattan, Soros Fund Management

“This was one of the best classes/courses I have attended since I finished business school. Michael has a deep knowledge of commodities/financial markets from a practitioner’s point of view and he also has a very engaging way of conveying the concepts in the class.”

— AT, Portfolio Manager, Hedge Fund, Manhattan

“I attended a presentation given by Michael on Commodities at NYSSA . Michael captured the audience’s attention from his first words and kept everybody focused for the entire training. I was personally absorbing every word he said since an impressive amount of knowledge and information came the audience’s way continuously. His depth of knowledge on trading in general and commodities in particular made me think that this training was worth my money, if not more. Additionally, Michael made the presentation interactive with tenth of questions being asked, for which a sincere and to the point answer was received.
I would highly recommend Michael as an instructor/speaker on topics related to trading, commodities and capital markets in general.”

FA, Senior Vice President, Citibank, Manhattan

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