Why you have to take every entry signal

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So let’s say you get five signals. You don’t know which one to take. Will you take all of them with the requisite amount of risk that you’re willing to take, then you let the market activity unfold. The market will tell you which one’s going to be the best one. You can count on it.

So if you’re taking it home with you, you have your protective stops, whether you’re trading off of a reversal, or whether you’re doing some kind of swing trading technique, or whether you’re trailing with ATR or whether you’re trailing with structure, there’s a whole bunch of ways you can offset winners which are hard to visualize on an audio only format.

So I’m not going to get into it here, but the market will unfold accordingly in ways that you can maybe predict – maybe you can’t. But the point is that if you sit on your hands and let the auction process work, the market will let the individual name one of the five, maybe even two of the five, raise their hand and say, I’m the biggest winner.

Now, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to say, Hey, that was the one that I was going with. But you don’t know. There were times when in the mid 2000s, when China was buying up as much of the commodity markets that you could possibly get, you’d get signals on the same day in tin, zinc, nickel, high-grade, silver, and gold.

And you’d be sitting there saying I got the entire metal complex is firing longs, which ones do I take?

What do you think you should do?

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