What is the most I can do to help you?

What is the most I can do to help you this year achieve your goals and to progress and a trader? I may tend to write specific posts and stay with certain themes for a while, however, I’m very resourceful. If you don’t see or hear something you’re looking for, you can always ask me about it and I’ll point you in the right direction if I think it’s beneficial.


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  • Jdbrown371

    It’s hard to see how to get started as a prop trader, to make the transition from trading your own account to managing funds. It’s one thing to be competent but it’s quite another to get other people to trust you with their money. It’s just my opinion but most fund managers are excellent at the latter but not so good at the first whereas for some of us it’s the other way around. How do you get off the ground?

    Supposing I’m off the ground some other things trouble me.

    1. Suppose the best course of action at one particular time is to do nothing and wait or have some very light positions. People (clients) can become VERY impatient and demand action when none is called for. They can mistake this inaction for laziness, cowardice or incompetence when in reality it’s simply following a proven method.

    2. I read in one of your articles that SAC will reduce your funds if you lose 5% from your peak account. I lose that all the time. The only way to deal with that it seems is to risk 1/2% on 10 trades and lose all ten in a row. However, the return with such a small risk is correspondingly reduced. Do people really expect linear returns? If that’s so, I can’t do it. That’s something I just can’t deliver without putting winnings in the silo to pull out at the right time or other shell games, something I’m absolutely dead set against and will never do.

    3. People appear to want success from you right away. It’s not impossible to be an excellent trader yet be -3% right out of the starting gate. Yet that would put you 2% away from the kiss of death at SAC Capital. Maybe that’s extreme but Bill Dunn’s 15% drawdown and my 15% drawdown will be viewed and treated very differently. How should you deal with client/boss expectations in these cases?

  • kurt

    I’m new to trading, I’m new to your site and a recent subscriber. How about a post on “How to achieve your goals”.