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One of the things that traders of all levels and capital need to come to terms with is volatility. Entries and exits are important, but not as much as position sizing and conjugating that with volatility. You know what it’s like to get hit for a big loss, but over the years, you’ll learn that you can have too little risk as well — thus missed opportunity.

My students learn from the ground up to act like professionals so they can handle any market – even if that means not trading for a while. No one escapes paying a type of tuition by learning from the market. I wrote about my own lessons in the Inner Voice of Trading. As you can see below, I have 67 Reviews with an average of 4 Stars.

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My New Trader Program is like a college course and takes about as much time, but you can work as fast as you like. It’s affordable and there’s no BS. It’s delivered online and you can start immediately.

I’ve been teaching formally for 15 years, but it’s been longer because I did a lot of teaching on Wall St. but did not get paid for it. Over the years, I’ve been lucky to have some great students. You can see that I’ve received 27 Recommendations on LinkedIn for my ability.

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In my dedicated coaching program, students learn how to think of trading as a business. I’m available behind the scenes via email and we get the program going with a 30 minute phone call to get on the same page. In fact, I go so far as to introduce them to seeders and funds! Find another teacher who is willing to go out on a limb for his students…

There are those who want customized and personalized coaching and mentoring. This program distinguishes itself from anything else that I know of. Besides all of the above, we work on your career and calling each week on the phone – so you get my dedicated and personalized attention.

Like I mentioned earlier, you need to learn how to conjugate your emotional constitution with your risk management. Here is the first of 10 lessons that I use in the coaching program. There are 9 more inside the program, but this one is free for you today.


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