Victor Sperandeo’s new daytrading course

Hey everybody, it’s Michael Martin. Thanks for being here. So Ganja tells me there’s a lot of emails asking about the program and the course with Victor Sprank. Is there any more information? Not really. I’ll try to reiterate what I know here. The big question is who’s doing the teaching? Well, he is right. That’s why it’s, it’s his class. He’s doing the teaching. I will be there. We have a good foil for one, another one and one equals three, where he’ll run the lessons and I will be there to help field questions and otherwise, there’s a few things that I’m going to teach, but the main material, the majority of it too, is being taught by Victor. That will include his proprietary trading rules that he uses himself. So there’s not too many people at his level who will come out and explain and speak exactly what they do, especially for the day trading community.
So if you’re into the short term stuff, the day trading, the swing trading, for example, this might be something that you could benefit from. I know he’ll be talking about his expertise in super low risk entries, how to look for certain reversals and trade off of those. Depending on what your core position is he is an enormous amount of experience with options. We’ll probably keep a day a watch list of things that meet the criteria so that we can kind of follow the program and the trading rules over a longer period of time. This isn’t going to be like a one day or a one weekend masterclass, whatever that might mean, where people come and pay a bunch of money for a couple of days and then it’s over with. This is going to be more of a longitudinal study to actually help people shape the rules so that they work for them, because every rule needs maybe a little bit of a tweaking so that it fits your personality, your temperament, maybe your account balance, your holding period, this and that.
And so that’s going to be all Victor teaching that. And then the follow up will be, at least on paper right now, it’ll be every other week. So effectively twice a month, we’ll have live calls with Meet you and Victor, following up looking and doing some postmortem breakdown on trades. What worked with it didn’t all this and that. Victor’s a Fed watcher, so I’m sure there’ll be some chatting about interest rates in the economy this way. And then using that as a global macro theme to kind of come down to see what you would actually trade, right? Because we have the confluence of high interest rates and still the threat of inflation plus in concert with the slowing economy and then all the interest rate stuff, and then commodity prices, and then
Cryptocurrency. So all that stuff will play a role in there and we’ll have lots of discussions. There will be, those events will be recorded, and then I will upload them into the cloud, into the membership portal that I’ve been maintaining. So folks can go back in and stream and watch. If they can’t make a particular call and in the event that we have to travel for client related stuff, we’ll just bump it a week and extend the program an extra week. The thinking right now is that it’s going to be roughly a full on 12 month program where you learn all the salient points of things very, very early in the program. And then the ongoing part would be more of the fulfillment, getting you in tune the ongoing coaching and the mentoring, and getting access to Victor and myself and doing a lot of q and a.
What are you looking at? You can send stuff in probably beforehand. It’s harder to do that stuff on the fly. But if you sent in questions about things that you were looking at. So I suspect folks who trade interest rates, currencies, stock index futures, whether it’s NASDAQ or the emen you could also do this with stocks and futures. So I think it’s a very well rounded program from what we’ve developed over the last eight weeks, and it’s going to be exciting. We’ve done this before, we’ve started doing them in 2005, but we did them in person, which was much harder, right? Because it was also more expensive because there’s lots of bills, there’s travel, there’s room rental, there’s all that. So this is going to be delivered online. So folks in any time zone can participate if they want. And like I said, if they have to miss, it’ll be recorded.
But this’ll be great because it’ll be real live examples from what’s unfolding in the market right now. And you’re going to get Victor’s insight on stuff. What would he look at? What would he pass on? How would he trade it? How would you position size entries and exits the whole kind of a deal and see his way of thinking? And then what we can do is tweak it so that it fits you right? Because it’s just like when you go to the store and you buy a suit. The suit might overall fit good. Say you’re 44 but the sleeves might be a little long. They have to be brought in, right? Maybe you want a cuff on the pant so you can do a little tailoring to the rules and create a nuance that’s appropriate for you. So we’re excited about that. It’s been a big hit.
Like I said, we’ve been doing it for over 15 years. This’ll be the first time that we do it online. So we expect to have a very eclectic audience of traders who trade many, many asset classes. How do you find out about it? Well, you can reach out via the blog if you want to be put on the short list, because this is not going to be like, it’s obviously out in the public, but we don’t want to make it 70 guys. So that’s too much to manage. So we’re thinking of keeping it to a smaller group just so that there can be more interaction between the participants as well as Victor and to some degree myself, and kind of keep it as our own little proprietary tribe, if you will of traders who are building their track record. They’re looking to get funded, or they’re just trading their own money and they want to have a really great life of running their own money and all the great liberties and freedoms that come with being a trader and a capitalist.
So that’s all I can tell you. As we’re sitting here right now the best way to know is to download the free copy of the audio book of the Inner Voice of Trading, and then I will most likely send out at least one email to give folks a head a heads up that there’ll be some limited spots open for this program. If it’s a good fit, it’s a good fit. If it’s not, then no hard feelings, as you know, don’t, I’m not a big emailer. If you’re subscribed, if you don’t have the audiobook, then you could just go to Martin Chronicle and reach out to me through the contact and we can have a conversation about it then. Anyway, that’s as much as I know right now. 80% of it, so is going to be definitely Victor teaching. I’ll be there to moderate and to chime in and probably talk about some of the mindset stuff when it’s appropriate to do so.
But this is a course that Victor’s going to teach. So thanks very much for your interest, folks. Please like and subscribe to the channel. Leave a comment if you want, and like I’ve said a few times before, if you want to suggest a topic, reach out and I’ll see what I can say about it. If I have anything, any experience, I’ll be happy to do to address it. Otherwise, I just kind of defer and say I’m an idiot. I’d be wasting your time. So thanks for being here, folks. I look forward to catching up with you next week. Take care.

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