Victor Sperandeo Master Class – New York City, November 4


12 Students Admitted Only

In conjunction with the release of my Amazon Top 20 book The Inner Voice of Trading, Victor Sperandeo and I will be teaching our second Master Class together.

Victor will be there “live” in person. We are keeping the group small because we want a serious group of traders, who are competent, and who will benefit from a great deal of face-time with Victor.

The focus will be on Victor’s proprietary trading methods – techniques that he uses every day. These are not found in any of his books.

I will focus on the emotional and psychological factors that all traders face based on the material in my book, which has cracked the Top 20 Investment books at It will feature things that I’ve learned beyond the “My Tuition” chapter, as well as things I’ve learned from Michael Marcus, Ed Seykota, and Bill Dunn (as well as from Victor, of course).

They are all in my book, and Ed Seykota wrote the Foreword to Inner Voice of Trading.


Victor Sperandeo and Michael Martin.

Who Will Benefit Most

The majority of this material will be technical in nature and on self-awareness.

This material will include reviewing your personal growth plan, your business plan, creating a systematized set of rules, creating daily set-up sheets, risk management, and order placement. Plus, each section will have a respective Q&A session so nothing will be left out.

Expect full trader development: the trader as trader, and the trader as person.

We will be hosting this in a small classroom and we are going to break up into groups. Result: more face time with Victor.

This is not going to be in a hotel with Caesar Salads, Creme Brulee, and 40 different dishes of pasta. We will have gourmet-style catered food all day so you can eat when you are hungry. You will be responsible for your travel and hotel if you don’t live in the area.

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