How to Unlock Enormous Potential Hidden in Your Daily Routine

Routine or ritual? What fills up your day – can you trace a line from these activities directly to your P&L?

Rituals are the things that you do that feel good, but don’t impact your P&L.

That doesn’t mean they are bad, but it’s a good idea to keep a journal on your activities so that you can measure their efficacy. Why?

Two things that you must measure each day.

Time and energy.

You have physical and emotional economics. You must keep a budget on these else you could bankrupt yourself.

Your trading career is summed up by your trading P&L but also what you need to experience in order to achieve those results – regardless if the P&L is positive or negative.

Your routine or system is what makes you money. The rest is emotional roux – time killers used to thicken your day.

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