Turn Down The Noise

Do you remember the Euro Crisis? The Fiscal Cliff? Yes… those media reports about Germany throwing money away by financing Greece? Spain going under? Greece austerity? How about those violent street demonstrations? China slowdown?

You see, the media’s job is to sell advertising — nothing more and nothing less, and in order to do so, the media is attempting to pull your emotional cords, such as anger and fear and keep you tuned in.

As a trader you have two choices: let the media play with your emotions, or shut down the noise and pay attention to the markets, after all the SP500 is up 12% this year, Euro Stock index up 8.55%, Germany up 23.43% and the Hong Kong index is up 16.5%.

Did you catch any of these returns, or did you let the Fiscal Cliff, Euro Crisis, or the China slowdown media-fest keep you out of these markets?

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