Turkey Holocaust: Basted In Blood

I think Ana Gasteyer was one of the funniest cast members on SNL of all time. Long before people included “ROTFLMAO” in their Tweets, they were actually ROTF laughing their a**es watching her. Her impersonations on SNL are timeless…

This clip was part of Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald and called Cinder and Sarah. The clip features Gasteyer as “Cinder” with the show’s musical guest Sarah McLachlin where they sing the now famous Thanksgiving classic Basted In Blood. From Season 23, Episode 7. Original air date: November 22, 1997.

Sorry about the commercial on Hulu…

Basted In Blood

We gather together
For yams, beans, and cranberry sauce.
But have you given much thought lately
To the turkey holocaust?

200 million noble birds
Slaughtered every fall.
Ain’t no difference between Hitler, Stalin,
And the folks at Butterball, Butterball.

So set your tables, America
From Birmingham to Branson.
But when you carve that turkey
You’re a finger lickin’ Charlie Manson.

Enjoy your pumpkin pie,
Your buttery Idaho spuds,
Grandma’s chestnut stuffing,
And a turkey basted in blood.

Basted in blood
Basted in blood
Basted in blood
Enjoy your turkey, enjoy…
Basted in blood
Basted in blood
Basted in blood
Basted in blood
Basted in blood
Basted in blood.

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