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We didn’t talk about stocks or commodities in the Incline Village Trading Tribe. We didn’t talk about feelings either, except to get into the willingness to feel our feelings. Then it was “show me, don’t tell me.”

In fact, if someone wanted to blather their bullshit, I’d say “Whatever you do, don’t feel anything. Just keep talking.”

Finally, someone would “send” and get into showing us what it felt like to feel what they were feeling when they were at a trading inflection point. We can relate to the feeling, not to the drama that got someone into the feeling. That was the “story.” Not interested in your story.

This is why buying another person’s trading system or “proven” rules is a mishap waiting to happen as you may understand some/all of the trading rules, but that you can incorporate them into something that you can replicate is highly improbable.

Their rules are not backtested despite there working for some people. They are like a pair of jeans that will never fit right.

Our teachers and courses teach proven, backtested rules and include what the emotional tradeoffs are at each point. That’s how you calibrate rules that fit your personality. Someone very smart once said “the goal for the trader is to develop a set of rules with which s/he is compatible.” Compatibility means harmony.

Denying your feelings around trading and risk leaves you with a blind spot that will reveal itself just when you are most insecure about what you are doing.

If you are trading or are thinking about trading, you are the biggest trading indicator or overlay of your trading success. There are no external solutions for your internal issues. Junking up your charts with indicators or buying someone’s “system” won’t help you trade better.

See how we can help you learn to trade for long-term success.


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