Trading Systems Do Not Remove Emotion from Trading

Human beings are emotional beings. We all have emotional systems. If you are not connected to your emotions, you are likely to see them emerge when you are under the pressure of trading.

The feelings you don’t want to feel have as much power over you as the ones you do want to feel. You’ll want to capture all of your emotional intelligence in your trading rules, else you will live with an unending variance between what you feel (emotionally) about your trading and what you “think” you know (intellectually).

A system is a set of rules that you can follow. After you get the system generated order, you have to enter the trade into your platform. That’s where the fun starts.

The Trading Tribe was set up by Ed Seykota to help traders understand the emotions that would derail one’s trading.

Scenario 1: you get a system-generated order, but you do not enter the trade.

Scenario 2: you have no orders for the particular day, but you enter an order on the fly.

In both scenarios, there is a variance between your trading system and your emotional system.

Befriend your emotions and make them allies not antagonists. They are trying to teach you something.

If you are the type of person who is constantly saying “That doesn’t make sense…” you will get great clarity on “that” if you look at the emotions that are driving the action.

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