The Best Trader Resources on Twitter and Stocktwits

You want insight, not charts

open your mind

Challenge your own way of thinking and let other traders help you uncover your blind spots. We all have them. I read people who think differently than I do in order to learn. These folks are a lot smarter than I am.

I rely on systematized trading rules and by gaining new insight from other people I am better off because I can oftentimes reduce the wisdom into a trading rule to enhance what I already have.

I couldn’t do that on my own – not without a great deal of random luck or perhaps a big loss that helped reshape my thinking. Below is a partial list for conscious-mind style resources – there are more coming.

The Best Trader Resources on Twitter and Stocktwits

Brian Lund

Jared Dillian – Daily Dirtnap

Todd Harrison

Mark Yusko

Moore Research

Brynne Kelly

ETF Global

Chicago Sean McGlaughlin

David Aferiat – Trade Ideas

Tadas Viskanta – Abnormal Returns

Steve Sears – Barron’s Striking Price

Options Insider

Sal Arnuk

Joe Salluzi

Larry Shover

Brian Shannon – Alphatrends

Norman Rosenthal

David Lynch Foundation

Robert Thurman

Yogis Anonymous

Paramahansa Yogananda

Ally Hamilton

Trading Tribe

David Shvartsman

Jonathan Hoenig

Meb Faber


IMHO, you will not learn anything if you’re listening to or reading too much of “group think.” I am not looking for people to help me feel good about what I’m doing – I’m looking to get challenged. Get out of your comfort zone and learn a new angle on something you think you’re an expert at. It’s eye-opening when you find out your not.

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