Systematizing Losses to Feel Good

A former Tribe* member emailed about some feelings about losses:

“…..puking it up is the best way to describe for me the series of taking daily small losses. My question is…. how can we systematize a process for learning how to make this actually feel good?”

The systematizing part is easy as you know…it’s the making it feel good part that you have to work on. I’m not sure you have to make it feel good either. It already might be a good feeling that you’re just not used to. However, you might consider trying to visualize what you’re missing by doing the right thing (massive drawdowns that are emotionally destabilizing) by taking consistent small losses. :) That’s what I might do.

“It still feels like crap to me even though its the best thing to do. And I do it…but I feel like crap all day after doing the right thing.”

I can identify with that feeling and you know the question that’s coming next: “Where do you feel that feeling in your body?”

What do you think the “but I feel like crap all day after doing the right thing” part is trying to tell you?

How do you feel today feeling like this after taking the small loss? (Hint: Is it regret or frustration? And where do you feel those feelings in your body?)

* Tribe (short for Trading Tribe) is owned by Ed Seykota.


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