Steve Sears Podcast Interview: Trading and Investing with Options

Steve Sears and Michael Martin speak about the fallout from China in the gaming industry, the effect of ESPN and Start Wars on Disney, and volatility.

Michael gets Steve’s feedback on using long-dated options as surrogate vehicles for investing and Steve discusses what he thinks he and his readership got out of his book, The Indomitable Investor.

Steve and I spoke about specific options strategies that might be hard to follow without seeing the charts. I’ve recorded an accompanying video referencing the charts and instruments we discussed in the podcast. The specific videos on when I established the long-dated calls in DIS at 70 and 90 are below.

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Stocks discussed ASHR, WYNN, MGM, DIS, VIX, and FXI.

I recorded a podcast with Steve back when his book was first released and regular fans of MartinKronicle loved it.

Here are the videos I recorded when I first established the option position in DIS and how I rolled them to today. The video where I go long the 70 Calls is on the bottom.

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