Steve Sears, The Indomitable Investor Podcast

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Barron’s Striking Price columnist Steve Sears is out with a new book called The Indomitable Investor.

The book is a rich discussion about how the market and its participants are oftentimes at odds with one another, and the latter usually paying a hefty tuition bill.

Sears best quote from the book goes a long way to describing why that is the case: “Bad investors think of ways to make money. Good investors think of ways to not lose money.”

Here is the podcast that we recorded and in which we discuss the book and several other provocative ideas such as Warren Buffett, Apple (AAPL), the downside to too much social media, and the value of being skeptical of everything.

Read my article about the book To Invest Like Warren Buffett, Learn How To Sell at the Huffington Post.

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