Sprint Completely F’ed Up HTC EVO Launch

From InformationWeek:

“HTC is having a tough time making enough EVO 4Gs for Sprint. It’s also having a hard time making enough Droid Incredibles for Verizon Wireless. Both devices are it short supply because HTC isn’t getting enough of the large touch displays from Samsung that both devices require. The issue could have a large impact on Sprint’s 4G business, say some.

“The early move to 4G has benefited Sprint from a marketing perspective, but it hasn’t really proven out in a major way in subscriber growth,” said Dan Hays, who works for consulting firm PRTM. Sprint has been marketing its 4G services heavily via television commercials since early this year. Despite the expansion of its WiMax network to 43 markets, the company hasn’t been able to capitalize on its lead. ”

Yeah, I can tell you why. Here in LA, 4G is not available. They tried to beat everyone to the punch and make it a pure ego play. Hey, they should change the device to HTC EGO!!!

Why is Sprint selling these devices in markets where 4G has not proliferated yet? That is completely retarded. And why would the consumer want to buy a 4G capable device when it might be 6-12 months before the service arrives to their home markets?

What Sprint should have done is sold the devices in the markets where 4G is available and developed great product and service reviews, thereby generating great press and buzz.


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