Set goals on measurable behavior not targets

Focus on process for best results

goal setting

Many of our students set goals based upon what they want the end result to be. Hard to have ownership of going from point A to point B if you don’t know how to get there.

Typical goals could be delineated accordingly: “I want to gain 15 lbs of muscle,” “I want to lose 10 lbs of gut fat” or “I want to earn $X or X% this year.”

Instead, focus on what you have to do to get those results.

For example, replace “I want to gain 15 lbs of muscle,” say “I am going to the gym at 5 am M-T-Th-F each week before I get to the office.”

Then you can break down what exercises you’ll do each day to breakup the workout so you don’t go nuts, but also so you’ll have much more ownership about the process. You can envision going to the gym and the exercises you’ll be doing more than what you’ll look like having lost the weight or adding 15 lbs of muscle. 


Professional traders focus on process, not results, so this type of thinking is in line with best practices. 

We find that when our clients or students focus on the the process of what they’re endeavoring, they get better results, perform more consistently, and enjoy the process of achieving their goals!

You can also make the small adjustments that you might need to make after several weeks, like adding an additional day of rest or adding cardio. This is consistent with system design and follow through.

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