T3 Live Scott Redler versus Buy & Hold on CNBC


Scott Redler of T3 Live debates with a Buy & Holder.


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  • Manuelbravochico

    Buy/Hold is a trade , just like trading. However, I’d rather spread my risk amongst many trades.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a trade without a defined exit strategy.

  • Jdbrown371

    Carlson criticizes Redler claiming that most people can’t enter and exit a market for a 5% profit, that it’s an exclusive technique of a skilled market trader. His statement implies that any ordinary person who can’t time the markets can make buy-and-hold strategy work which simply isn’t true. Being successful at buy-and-hold (and sometimes sell) is an elusive skill set possessed by few people like Warren Buffett. Most average investors lost money buying and holding in the 90s as the SP went higher and higher. It’s a ridiculous assumption that ordinary people are somehow better suited to buy-and-hold than in-and-out trading when as far as I can tell, they’re rotten at both strategies.