Risk Assessment Tactics to Qualify Trades


If the chart pattern does is not conjugated with the average volatility of the instrument you’re about to trade, you could be in for a very frustrating time. A trade set-up might work for you when you compare what you’re willing to risk per trade and the 20-period ATR, for example. But what is your risk with respect to the rest of the chart?

This effects everyone in the market, not just newer traders with smaller account sizes. I just posted a video that help traders disqualify trades based on this key concept. Remember, your first order of business as a trader is to protect your capital. That process starts before you put on a trade.

You can spend days upon days wasting time in front of the computer screen and not make any progress in your trading career if you don’t understand this concept. Progress in this sense means growing your account balance. I don’t want you working for the occasional $200/day gain.

Michael Marcus did not turn the $30k into $80 million staring at screens all day.


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