Video Interview with Bill Dunn

I am lucky to be able to speak with many of today’s great traders. Usually, I learn what I need to learn, post it here, and use that information for the next interview to keep moving forward.

The videos with Bill Dunn from June 2009 are timeless though. The issues we spoke about are still being resolved. Bill comes across as a man who is well-thought out and very well-read. I think if you’re beginning your career as a trader, Bill’s wisdom is worth studying long and hard.

To this day, he has never put on a discretionary trade in the WMA. Below are links to the interviews I conducted with Bill in June 2009.

Part I with Bill Dunn at Chateau Marmont

Part II with Bill Dunn

His WMA fund was up 5.59% YTD through November 2009 according to IASG.


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