Regarding Montel Williams

In case you didn’t hear, Montel Williams skewered the hosts of Fox & Friends leading with a story about Heath Ledger. Ledger died a tragic death. He apparently had up to 6 different drug compounds in his system.

Kudos to Montel for calling Fox & Friends on their gaming for ratings. There’s too much Brittany and Lindsay. It’s not news. These journalists must be pathetic in that they cannot create better news. Leave the gaming for ratings to Dr. Phil

I’m not sure what triggered Montel to diverge from what the hosts were expecting him to talk about. According to Wikipedia, Montel served in the Navy for 22 years after graduating from the Naval Academy. He was the recipient of no less that 10 Medals in what seems to be a distinguished career.

My guess is he’s fed up, like I am, of all the starlet drama.

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