Books I Loved in 2009

I’ve read my share of books and I consider myself a voracious reader: I love to read. I have an e-book reader, but there are certain books that I think you need to hold in your hand, so I read both.

You can tell about my reading preferences a little, because most of the podcasts I’ve done are with authors about their books. At the very least, the guests have written a book or two during their careers.

If I’ve done a podcast, you can bet that I thoroughly enjoyed the book and thought it would be interesting to get inside the author’s head by recording the conversation and making it available to all of you for free. You can also subscribe to them via iTunes if you want.

However, sometimes I take it a step further and I blog about it at Mises or HP, and write a review at

As far as Recommended Reading lists are concerned, I still believe in all the classics, however, I’m sure that there is not much insight I can provide that hasn’t already been delineated – that’s why they’re classics. Hence, I’ll spare you the blathering.

Here are some books that I’ve read in 2009 that I enjoyed, in no particular order. Some were for fun some for business. I generally have no use for fiction, as you can tell. I don’t need the $1.17 in commissions from Amazon Affiliate Marketing, so you’ll have to go to yourself and look them up. I’ve noted where I’ve done a podcast with the author at or an Amazon Book Review.

Recommended Reading

How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer

Bailout Nation by Barry Ritholtz (Podcast)

The Dollar Meltdown by Charles Goyette (Podcast & Amazon Review)

A Gift To My Children by Jim Rogers (Podcast)

Trader Vic on Commodities by Victor Sperandeo (Podcast)

The Devil We Know by Robert Baer

Animal Spirits by Akerlof & Shiller

The King of Oil by Daniel Ammann (Podcast & Amazon Review)

Whispers From Eternity by Paramahansa Yogananda

One Of A Kind by Dalla & Alson

Catch Me If You Can by Abagnale with Redding


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