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Hello everybody. Michael Martin, I hope you had a great weekend. I recorded a couple of videos on Friday with a friend of mine who will you meet shortly? He’s a great guy. His name is Shawn. I’ve known him for 20 something years. He’s very bright guy. They’re not going to be trading proper, but they will deal with finance and wealth and markets and investing. Again, I have no need to do trading videos. I think they’re complete snooze. Plus there’s a million of them out there. I know I could do my version of them, but I’m just, I don’t care about doing it. It doesn’t excite me.

And two, as far as the podcast is concerned, I feel, again, I only want to do things where I feel like it could be original. This show is original in that there’s not a lot of folks who are doing daily monologues that are completely selfless, where there’s no fee attached that are really there and built specifically for the audience. Yes, there’s interview shows, but I also feel like they’re a snooze. I did those in 2005 when podcasting was just kind of getting out. Friends of mine who would write books, I’d get the review copies, read them, take a bunch of notes, put questions together, and they’re out there. Jim Rogers, Jon Najarian, I had a million guys. Those, they’re probably out in the public domain somewhere, but it’s just like that model’s old and snoozy. It’s been done before. And two, I build my show here based on my own personal temperament, which is cantankerous and salty. Snarky. That’s just part of me. I don’t have as much as you look at the guy from Get him to the Greek movie (Russell Brand), He’s really funny. He has a good show, I think it’s called Under the Skin. I’ve only seen clips on Instagram.

Then of course there’s the bigger ones, Jocko and Joe Rogan. But I just don’t have the time for that. You know what I mean? I don’t have time for watching episodic television. I very rarely can go to the movies for various reasons. If there’s a good movie. I wanted to go see Amsterdam recently, for example, but the reviews were so dog shit. I’m like, Well, fuck it. I’m not going to go spend $20 to go sit in a movie that’s got 23% rotten tomatoes or something like that. Even given that the cast looks pretty damn good. I did go see the Sam Rockwell movie, See How They Run or something like that, because I like Sam Rockwell as an, I tend to character actors more than the leading people out there and I’m a big fan of Sam Rockwell. But the movie was slow it, It wasn’t necessarily predictable, but it just took a long time to get where it’s going.

And I reminded myself, this is why I do a five minute show. It’s like, say what you have to say, shut the f*ck up and be done for the day. No one’s got three hours to sit and kill. It’s the same reason why I hated Howard Stern growing up. I would never sit and listen to someone blather on for three or four hours. I never found the shock jock thing, entertaining, informative either. It’s just my personal preference. I know he’s hugely famous. He made fortune doing his show for I think it was WNBC and WXRK in New York City and then with Sirius, and he’s a very likable guy. It’s just not my style of entertainment. Maybe one day I’ll come to change, but as I’m sitting here, I don’t, don’t know why it is. I don’t know if it’s cause I don’t like the sound of his voice. I don’t like the nature of his show. I don’t like, and this is all of the guys. This isn’t just Howard Stern.

Those guys are all gigantically successful, but there are people on planet Earth who just don’t like chocolate ice cream, who, no matter how great it is, and I don’t have time, three hours to sit and listen to that show. I also find trying to break it up and do 30 minute clips. I have listened to Andrew Huberman on a couple of things because he deals with things related to the mind and how the mind works, and that’s always an interesting thing for me from at least personal discovery. But I feel like there has to be great value in what I’m providing or otherwise it doesn’t make any sense to do it. I don’t find, like if it can’t benefit the community, then there’s no point in speaking. There has to be some tangible little nugget to walk away with that you could benefit from, or at least it could get you to think, again, teach someone to fish. Don’t give them fish. That’s why I’m so cantankerous when it comes to these services that you subscribe for. It’s because they don’t help you in the way you think it should.

But anyway, we’ll talk about that maybe more tomorrow or the next day. At any rate, I appreciate if there’s things that you’re going through these days in the markets that, that aren’t trade specifics please reach out. I’m happy to cover them to the best that I can. I don’t have all the answers. I have some of them. I’ve lived through the majority of what you’re probably feeling, although I might come to that feeling in a different way than you were or are, but I’m happy to address it if it helps you.

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