Only 10 Seats Left For My Classes NYSSA on 9/21

There are only 10 seats left for the two courses I’m teaching at NYSSA (New York Society of Security Analysts – The CFA Chapter in Manhattan). These courses are NOT for beginners, however newer prop traders and day traders will garner great trading insight.

Using Commodities in a Diversified Portfolio discusses the impact that managed futures will have on a traditional portfolio when added to a client’s asset allocation. What happens to the Investment Frontier and what vehicles you can implement to meet your clients’ needs. I talk about almost all sectors traded at CME Group — grains, energies, financials, currencies, and stock index futures — within the context of a managed futures portfolio. This is the morning class and is considered an Intermediate level course at NYSSA.

In the afternoon class, Timing the Market with Commodity Trend Following Models, I’ll be covering marketing timing models using the S&P in one of the classes using data from public sources. I’ll show you how to build you own simple model by hand. The information you’ll learn can be applied to any other market and it will give you a deeper understanding (intellectually speaking) of what’s going on inside a mathematical trading model. This is considered an Advanced Course at NYSSA.

You can save $50 if you register for both. Registration is handled by the NYSSA – I don’t have anything to do with that. A wide array of talented folks from a diverse industry backgrounds have attended in the past and it’s a good place to network, as well as ask me questions in person. As a perpetual student myself, I’ve put these courses together so that the students feel that there is tremendous value for their tuition.

email me at editor [at] martinkronicle [dot] com if you have any questions. Registration questions should be directed to the NYSSA.


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