Let the Market Come to You for Greater Success

You enter and exit the market with stop orders. No need to be anal and use Limit orders – they make the order less liquid.

Your goal is to let the market come to you. Trading otherwise is impulsive.

Love yourself and stop looking at 10 minute bars. There’s nothing material there. Trading is about making money, not the action.

Buying and selling is not trading.

Sometimes the best trades are ones you don’t get filled on. Don’t chase the market. If it stalls, you’ll go head-first into the back end of it.

Use protective stop orders 100% of the time.

Trail the market with stops in winning trades and reinvest your gains into the stop order.

Your stop price is the point where you are willing to transfer the risk to someone else.

You are not smart enough to have price targets. Humans suck at prediction.

Technical analysis is no more scientific than economics at large.

If you are in the right trade, the gaps will move in your favor. Let the market come to you.

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