Remembering Lou Rukeyser

Lou Rukeyser succumbed to cancer 5 years ago at the age of 73 on May 2, 2006. In my mind’s eye, he was the best TV financial journalist of his time. Here is part of a longer interview he did with another great, Charlie Rose.

Here is another episode immediately after the crash in 1987.


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  • Jdbrown371

    I’ve watched this many times. Stock market crashes fascinate me and the people who manage to profit from them like Martin Zweig, Paul Tudor Jones etc. can seem mythical. Lou Rukeyser delivered us an epic piece of financial journalism that will stand the test of time.

  • Jeff

    Great interview! Lou was one of a kind. He always had interesting people whether you agreed with them or not. One of the most memorable times was in the middle of the doom and gloom of late 1998 when that nut job Laszlo Birinyi predicted the top of the bull market in early 2000 within a few points and a few weeks. Birinyi’s analysis over the past few years has been very beneficial for me and it was on WSW that I first discovered him. As a side note, Birinyi is humble enough to admit that the accuracy of his call was more luck than skill.

  • LMTentarelli

    Louis Rukeyser was the best. The show may have been a little heavy on the fluff, but I looked forward to every Friday night on PBS to hear what Lou had to say. He was truly one of a kind, and greatly missed.