Let Your System Do the “Figuring Out” Part for You

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A good system will do all the “figuring out” part for you so you don’t have to spend your days going through charts.

Of course, that might not be as much “fun” for you from an economic utility standpoint.

You may very well like the challenge of figuring out a chart, for example.

I myself do not. I’d rather have the computer look back and tell me where the optimal entry is for the risk I’m willing to take.

Then I can lock those parameters in and run thousands of iterations on them to see if they create a positive expected value.

Again, it might not be as much fun, but it takes the subjectivity out of it and gives me hard numbers to work with.

Many who are chart readers are going for the feelings around being smart or figuring things out by hand.

You get to figure out what and why you’re doing it for.

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