Lean Hogs Change In Trend


Lean hogs have broken the downtrend and reversed course. I’ve looked at the chart with an eye to the Sperandeo 123 Reversal pattern that he delineates in his book Methods of A Wall St. Master.

For those of you who are a little more aggressive, you can try to catch the change at the inflection point, however that is much more tricky to do. If nothing else, you’ll need to be quick to exit the trade if you catch it wrong.

I would begin by trading extremely small. If you catch the reversal, you can add to your winners once the trade starts working in your favor. If you’re lucky enough, you can be fully loaded by the time the chart pattern above gets underway. Then the market has to pay you an entry fee to join the trade.

There are several key fundamentals at play in the hog trade. I’m working on a big white paper on such which I’ll publish here once it runs.

All you need is one or two of these to make your year. Key is to play the best defense.


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