Jim Rogers Long EUR


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Jim is suspicious of all governments, as I think you should be. Speaking of governments, I hate seeing nonsensical article titles such as, Obama, Visiting Gulf, Tries To Lift Economy, Mood. I want straight talk and I would never rely on anyone else to lift my mood. He can’t lift the economy either. Who in their right mind would think that any President could do either? A fool would. And Obama is no hero. My buddies in the NYPD are heroes. Obama is concerned with political fallout (his), more than economic fallout (ours). But I digress…

According to the accompanying CNBC clip, Jim is long the Euro, but not because he’s bullish on the EC by any standard. I’ve read and re-read each of Jim’s books, and I’ve interviewed him for this blog twice. I think he’s without peer. In fact, I know he is without peer.

He likes to say that he’s the world’s worst trader. IMO, when he’s wrong, it’s usually because he’s every early on the trade – which might be the case with his Euro trade. Either he’s just missed picking the bottom or he’s a little early on a potential new uptrend.

Jim Rogers Interview

Presidents and Prime Ministers can jawbone all day long. They talk their books (their policies) as well as any money manager. You can see the truth in the price and decipher for yourself the night soil from the proverbial tin of Shinola. The price will not lie. The price has no political agenda.

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