Jack Schwager on FundSeeder and Trader Resources

Jack Schwager joins Michael Martin to discuss his new venture with FundSeeder.

There are some great free tools there that are of great value to a new trader. What I like about what I’ve seen so far, is that it helps the newer trader focus on what’s important…managing your equity curve.

FundSeeder is great for helping you build a legit track record. You can get ranked as well to see how your strategy ranks against other traders.

Here is a video on how FundSeeder works:

FundSeeder will help you along and get licensed when after you’ve shown some promise and you have a good shot at raising equity – they will work with you accordingly. Not everyone will get to this point, however, if you don’t start out with the best resources, it is fantastically difficult to play “catch-up ball” in trading.

Go to FundSeeder and register for a free account.

Even rank amateurs and trading moonlighters will find the tools useful.

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During the interview, Jack and I discussed reporting of returns (VAMI Calculations) if you are registered with the NFA as either CTA or CPO. If you are interested in that sort of thing, here are a few links that you’ll find useful, both courtesy of the National Futures Association:

The NFA Guide on Disclosure Documents for CPOs and CTAs

Sample Performance Spreadsheet

I’ve known Jack a long time and I’ve interviewed him before. Here are two particularly good video interviews we did for his books, Hedge Fund Market Wizards, and Market Sense and Nonsense.

Hedge Fund Market Wizards

Market Sense and Nonsense


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