Is your inner voice undermining you?

Hey everybody, it’s Michael Martin. So with all the stuff that we’ve been speaking about, the feelings that you do want to feel, the feelings that you don’t want to feel, you can imagine there’s a committee in session in some people’s minds, right? So when you’re looking at trading and your preparation and your research and how you have to get all this stuff done, you also actually have to build in time for escapism. You need to be able to get away from the market and conserve your mental capital because the minute you start to go downhill on that, the trading stuff doesn’t typically get better. Your tradings tends to hurt and get hurt, and it kind of sucks away from your ability to perform at the best, at the best of your possible ability, at the best of your ability. So just one second and then you’re depleted and you’re trying to do something that’s super stressful, super hard, but in a mindset that you don’t have the mental energy to kind of stick with it.
So there’s a very delicate balance of wanting to work hard and also to work smartly. Take your time and make sure that you plan in time to get away from everything. Doesn’t matter whether you’re new, doesn’t matter whether you have 15 years of experience. Find something to do to get the market off your mind, get your mind off the market and preserve your mental capital, because once you get burnt out, it’s awfully difficult to play catch up ball in and around that space. Anyway, short lesson. Maybe I’ll talk about it more tomorrow, the next day. But again, you have to be the steward in the century of what you let into your brain that might include people and otherwise, but take care of your brain, take care of your mental capacity so that this way you can always perform at the highest level. Thanks for being here, folks. Please subscribe and like the show, subscribe to the channel. Consider leaving a comment if you’d like to have a discussion. And if you’d like to, of course, suggest a topic for the show, go reach out through the blog. No problem. Leave a comment and I’ll try to address it. Thanks for being here, folks. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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