How Soros Will Know When To Sell His Gold (GLD)


George Soros in Davos this year.

George Soros will literally start to have a backache when all of his faculties don’t line up anymore. Here is a quote from How George Soros Knows What He Knows by Flavia Cymbalista, Ph.D.

“My father will sit down and give you theories to explain why he does this or that. But I remember seeing it as a kid and thinking, Jesus Christ, at least half of this is bullshit. I mean, you know the reason he changes his position on the market or whatever is because his back starts killing him. It has nothing to do with reason. He literally goes into a spasm, and it’s this early warning sign.”

You can read all about it in Section 4. The Role of the Backache: an Entry-Point to Experiential Reflexivity found on page 36 of the pdf attachment.

Photo of Soros Copyright by World Economic Forum. by Sebastian Derungs and is licensed under Creative Commons.


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