Helmut Weymar on Commodities Corporation’s Director and Shareholder Paul Samuelson


Helmut Weymar (Hell-MOOT WHY-mar) had the great fortune of having two legendary economists help him during his years at MIT. One was Paul Cootner, the second was the late Nobel laureate Paul Samuelson. You’ll recognize several of the other speakers.

Weymar, the founder of Commodities Corporation, was asked to speak at a memorial service for his mentor at MIT. There are no “bylines” in the video as the speakers were announced at the very beginning of the ceremony. You can fast-forward to Weymar’s comments, which begin at the 73:50 mark. He’s in the green bow tie.

Among his remarks about Samuelson is his original objection to Frank Vannerson’s TCS for trading commodities with CC cash.

Everyone needs a mentor. Many of the best traders in the world have mentioned that their careers were influence by someone early on.

Paul Tudor Jones
Ed Seykota
Bruce Kovner
Helmut Weymar
Victor Sperandeo

Weymar is featured prominently in Sebastian Mallaby’s great new book More Money Than God in the chapter, Paul Samuelson’s Secret.

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