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I just received the best LinkedIn Recommendation that I’ve ever gotten from a student. His name is John Crowe and you can see it for yourself if you happen to connect with me on LinkedIn:

“Michael is a gifted trading mentor. Over the course of several initial conversations he was able to assess my situation and recommend trading strategies that were harmonious with my personality; while at the same time attending to my family’s financial needs. I cannot stress enough how life changing this was for me. As a trader I now believe it is crucial to find strategies that fit “me.”

My entire belief system regarding the markets has changed as a result of my mentor-ship with Michael. Michael has remained a constant guide as I continue to mature as a trader and manager of market risk. His guidance has provided me with the self-confidence I required to pursue a career as a money manager, which I am currently pursuing.

In short, I would highly recommend Michael’s mentor-ship and educational skills to anyone who is serious about improving their performance and self-understanding.” — John Crowe, Kansas

Can you perform consistently ?

Part of my mentoring traders is also the ability to teach students new insights about how to look at the market. I find that new traders spend way too much time (10 hours a day) making a losing insubstantial capital.

After 2 years, they’ve not really done anything to build a career except go through rituals – they look like traders to outsiders, but their P&L doesn’t delineate much more than confusion. If you immerse yourself in my program, you’ll get where you want to go much quicker.

Here’s the program if you don’t want funding.


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