Focusing on Preparedness will Improve your Trading Results

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There’s a great quote I remember reading in The Art of War on Preparedness:

“The victorious warrior first wins, then seeks battle.”

I think that sums up where you want to be Sunday night or early Monday morning – getting ready and being prepared.

I’m a “night before” type of person in terms of my preparation. I feel that by the following morning it’s too late for my style and where I’m at and lack of preparedness puts me at a disadvantage.

For me, preparing the “day of” puts me in an emotional state of “I’m doing this last-minute” and that’s not a feeling I want in my body.

It might be different for you, especially if you trading short term time frames or are trying to daytrade.

The night before might be too early.

Either way, being prepared to win is about Intention, and “Intentions equal results.”

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