Fed Chairman Bernanke on 60 Minutes

Ron Paul’s book End the Fed is required reading for traders.


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  • Adam

    Reminds me of a saying that goes something like this:
    Someone who’s 100% certain is dangerous.
    Someone who’s 0% certain is lazy.
    Someone who’s 25% certain is ignorant.
    Someone who’s 50% certain is either confused or enlightened.
    Someone who’s 75% certain is overconfident.
    Someone who’s 99% certain is either an idiot or a scholar.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like all of these at various times. Is someone who’s 100% certain the
    greater fool?

  • Adam

    Like you, I vacillate between all of them at different times, though less and less so from year to year. I’m rarely as certain as when I’m 50% certain.

    Yes, the greater fool(100% certain) is good at fooling himself since he believes everything he thinks.

  • Gavin Murphy

    I just wish he was grilled with some real questions by someone who actually understands history, economics and business and not spoonfed these soft ‘lay ups’ parrrot style by the once reliable 60 minutes. No money printing? It’s all from the Fed’s reserves?! If he is 100% certain of that, I am 100% certain he is a cretin.

  • Anonymous

    The were lay-up questions and Bernanke still looked like he was going to
    throw up.