Do you manifest abundance in your life?

So this is a week of a reality check. And it occurred to me when I think about all these things, like what was it that ever clicked for me? Where I had, I knew I had some, some level of skill. I couldn’t quantify it, but I knew that it was beyond luck. And that was when my mindset changed around money. So it had nothing to do with trading tactics, it had nothing to do with the asset class that I was trading. Again, I came out of an environment that I hated. It was a wirehouse environment. I met some decent people some of whom I’m still in touch with. We were in a part of town called Murray Hill, but the environment was bad. The sales manager was one of these 5’2″ guys with a Napoleonic complex.

He was always sizing people up. The branch manager was an old EF Hutton guy, and you know, he was just checked out. You know, he was just there kind of going through the motions. Money was good. He didn’t have to do much. The branch was known as a training branch. They had a couple of really big producers, but it was a training ground for folks who were hungry, who wanted to make it among them, me. And they were not really concerned about what was going on for the clients. It was always like, Here’s what we can trade 19c-3, here’s what’s on the board for the syndicate. And it was a little disheartening because the people that they championed and that they were really proud of were the people who generated like lots of commissions. They were held in high esteem.

Now their clients weren’t making any money, but the, the brokers were doing “gross,” that’s what they called it, meaning gross commissions. So for those of us who had a conscience, and those of us who actually wanted to kind of create alpha for the clients, because it’s such an amazing and very beautiful thing where someone who’s a hard worker trusts you with their money. Like you really have to think about that. That’s an enormous amount of trust, and it’s not something that should be taken advantage of.

So going back to creating the alpha part, and then as it would affect me, the thing is, is like you have to be ready for the abundance. You have to want it. That should be like when Ed Seykota says “intentions equal results.” Like what’s the intention of trading? There’s probably a lot of things to say around there, but in and around your goals and in your intentions, it should be to increase your own wealth. So when you look at managing risk from that standpoint, it throws into sharp relief the need for keeping losses small, the need for making as few transactions as you possibly can, but also having the mindset and the intention that attaining wealth and growing your wealth is doable.

But here’s the thing – that you deserve it. That it’s part of who you are because of how you act and how you behave. Some people don’t make money trading because they’re just not ready to make money emotionally. They’re not ready for the abundance. So that’s why they find themselves stuck in intraday trading, looking at one minute bars, making 70 trades a day, wondering why it’s not working. In my mind’s eye, it’s because that’s not what affluent people do. So maybe they’re just demonstrating subconsciously that they’re not actually ready for the abundance to come into their world.

So make sure when you look at your goals this weekend and what your intentions are, that front and center is that you are ready for it emotionally, you’re ready, and you are totally up for the abundance and that you’re absolutely deserving of it as a human being.

I’m probably going to slow down and cut my workload, which means I’ll probably start publishing only to the platforms and not having the embedded player on the website. I’ll see what I can do about the transcripts, but you know, I’m getting busier and busier and I feel like I don’t know for sure what the date is, but I kind of feel like I’ve said everything that has to be said. I’m at the point now where I know I’m kind of repeating things or saying things that I’ve already said before, but in a different way.

And I know that’s an important part of teacher teaching. They say a good teacher will have 3, 4, 5 ways of saying the same thing over and over. Maybe I’ll go do videos. They won’t be trading videos that’s for damn sure. I don’t want to be repetitive. I always want to be original and I don’t care about failing. I learn a lot about myself.

So far, the shows here has been good. Unless there’s a deluge of new questions from listeners that I haven’t really addressed before, I’m not quite sure that I have anything new to say. The end might be near, in other words. But nonetheless, there’s a lot of episodes already published. I think there’s a couple of years of daily shows, any number of which you can really sink your teeth into from the conceptual standpoint.

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