Columbia’s Robert Mundell on Euro and Greece

I was very fortunate to have taken several classes with Robert Mundell. Mundell had a lot to do with inspiring me to trade commodities and the interbank.

Mundell is going to be on a panel with Nouriel Roubini at the Milken Institute’s Global Conference later this month called “The Eurozone: Still One for All and All for One?”

Here is the description of the panel from the MI website:

The debt crisis in Greece has seriously frayed the ties that bind the Eurozone together with a monetary union but without fiscal transfers. Unable to afford the expensive social programs its citizens demand while staying within the Eurozone’s debt limits, Greece can neither raise import tariffs nor devalue its currency. The stronger member nations — especially Germany — are torn between their distaste for a bailout and the need to prevent the crisis from spiraling any further. Is there a need to create a European Monetary Fund? Will the euro manage to recover? Do ballooning deficits in Spain, Italy and Portugal signal further storms on the horizon? This panel of experts will explore whether the Eurozone can forge a successful system of joint economic governance.

You can watch the Robert Mundell Bloomberg interview. It’s long, but great!


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