Bruce Kovner, Having Made History

Another great role model in the global macro space is Bruce Kovner of Caxton Associates, LP. New York magazine called him George Soros’s Right-Wing Twin

Frankly, I don’t care for that moniker, but the article is very thorough and worth a read.

Kovner is considered to be one of the greatest intellects in the world. He originally interviewed at Commodities Corporation to be an assistant for Michael Marcus, who was so blown away by Kovner’s intellect during the interview, Marcus called CC founder Helmut Weymar and said, “Helmut, I have in my office the next president of Commodities Corp.”

Bruce Kovner studied and worked with Michael Marcus. Who do you have?

There is an opportunity for 15 of you to study with a legendary Market Wizard in person. Change Your Life.

Must have been a hell of an interview…they hired him on the spot as a trader and they all made history.

Here are a few words from Kovner himself, as they appeared in Absolute Return + Alpha in 2008.


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