Big Oil Has Replaced Big Tobacco In the Bulls Eye of America’s Vitriol

I wouldn’t want to be a CEO of an oil firm if my life depended on it. Everyone hates you. You have to deal with some of the most unsavory people in the world who steal, bribe, reneg, and lie to you all-the-while demanding signature bonuses. You at times put your own life at risk via your business travels. You have to have an appeasing Green ethos.

Back home in America, you have to deal with your own brethren who spit in your face, but at the same time want $2 a gallon gasoline consistently, as if it’s their birthright. That’s all before you have to deal with a lame President, House, and Senate who collectively could not come up with a National Energy Policy if their offices depended on it.

[As of this writing, the Department of Energy has not found America a single drop of oil. Alec Baldwin wants to shut down an oil company. Let’s put the DOE down first Alec – I’ll work with you on it.]

Tom Bower’s new book Oil: Money, Politics, and Power in the 21st Century is the best book on crude oil that I’ve ever read. Crude oil is a very complicated business. It is about 180 degrees out of phase with the simplicity of e-commerce.

Bower spoke with more than 250 industry professionals, politicians, and analysts over an 18 month period of time in order to complete this book. IMHO, I think academics and Liberals will learn the most from this book. It is written as the definitive history of crude oil – and it’s backed up by facts. Not make believe facts or Michael Moore Facts either, but real facts, that in the end provide readers with a well-rounded understanding of America’s addiction to crude oil and how we got here.

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