AQR’s Aaron Brown – The Risk Management Podcast Interview

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  • Tom LAMENA

    Decades of experience! Kudos! Should you start from scratch as a trader today, what would you do DIFFERENTLY? a great lesson you have learned ? Have a great day!

  • martinkronicle

    I don’t like to try to steer Mother Nature and I’m happy right where I am and having had the experiences I’ve had.

    They’ve all led me to the ever-evolving moment of NOW. Since there is such great benefit, I think it wold have been great to come to understand mindfulness, yoga, and meditation more sooner than I did – yet I’m still happy and abundantly grateful for where I am.

  • Tom LAMENA

    Thanks a lot,

    I agree 100% with mindfulness and meditation. I will follow this great advice for sure. I think there is a link between trading at the highest level and the level of connection to the universe. Just a gut feeling. People who get in for the money only, will end up badly at the end of the journey. Have a awesome day!!

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