Appetite for Forex Trading is Surging

forex trading

By Cornelius Luca

The appetite for risk is surging following the lack of surprises from the first round of France’s presidential elections. This means buy continental Europe, at least in the short term.

In FX, the models are long on all euro pairs, particularly euro/dollars and euro/yen. The pound is the exception to this rule, as the UK is struggling with its own complex, political meanders.

Outside the euro space, the commodity dollars show limited interest. While there is some demand for them, the commodity dollars were pushed to the back burner.

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In Asia, short dollar/Singapore dollar seems to be the safest bet.

In LatAm, the model remains short dollar/Mexican peso.

All East European currencies benefited from the strength of the euro; on this milieu, the Russian ruble seems attractive. 

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