Amazing A-HA Moment – Never Give Up And Always Believe In Yourself

Watch the video below for one of the most amazing “A-HA” moments that I have ever witnessed (about the 1:50 mark).

Trading can take a lot out of you when you are first starting out. There are a lot of concepts to absorb, as well as all the technical know-how you need to just execute a trade.

Once the know-how is achieved, you then have to learn how to combat all the noise and the conversations that you’ll have with yourself inside your head.

Throughout it all, you need to have a paradigm of personal responsibility and to own your failures.

The Jedi Master in this video said it best: “It may be convenient to blame your failure on external factors, but really the failure to do anything is your own fault, it’s not anybody else’s fault, it’s your’s for not coming up with a suitable alternative, or for giving up, or…or something.”

His steps for Mastery:

1) Believe in yourself.

2) How to go about getting it done.

3) Follow through with it.

As he points out in this instructional video, if you’ve failed at Step 3, it “because you didn’t believe in yourself” and you need to go back to Step 1 and re-evaluate…or change pieces of wood.

The one tenet that has held fast for all the years I’ve taught, is that people who believe in themselves always make it. So when you get to banging yourself over the head, find a mentor or a success coach who’s been there and has had to work through his own head-banging.

You can always achieve your goals if you’re committed.


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