How to Achieve Your Trading Edge with Discipline

The benefits of running a system are multi-fold. Once you trust your model, you can go deep…

Once it’s live and trading, you will learn about the markets, your model itself, and most importantly, yourself.

You have to be there and be conscious of all that’s around you. A good trader will not become too euphoric in good times (they are what they are) nor too despondent during the bad times (as long as they are ‘in model’).

It’s possible to have worse results than what you saw in the Monte Carlo simulations. That requires a great deal of discipline, for it’s the daily discipline that will help you express your edge…every day, every week, and every month.

It’s the consistency to be disciplined that will show up on your P&L.

So you can outperform a great lot of traders, even some pros, if you can be consistent with your daily discipline and not wavering from it.

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